Potato and Onion Nests (with an egg)

Make these Potato and Onion Nests with a fried egg in the middle. It’s a great breakfast to whip up when you need a protein-packed meal before running out the door!

Make these onion and carrot nests with a fried egg.
Make these onion and carrot nests with a fried egg.


  • Russet Potatoes: Sturdy Russet potatoes hold up well to pan-frying.
  • Yellow Onion: Using a yellow onion will give a bit of zest and onion-y flavor to the egg nests.
  • Flour: Adding a bit of all-purpose flour will add gluten and starch to the nests so the vegetables will have an easier time sticking together.
  • Eggs: Use your favorite eggs for this recipe! Adding a egg to the center of the next will add protein and a runny yolk to the center!

How to Make Potato and Onion Nests with a Fried Egg

Runny egg in an egg and onion nest.
Runny egg in an egg and onion nest.

Making these nests with a fried egg on top is a simple and easy breakfast dish.

First, start by peeling both the onion and potato. Cut the potato into thin strips and place the strips into cold salted water. This will keep your potatoes from oxidizing and turning brown. You can also add an acid or some kind (such as vinegar or lemon juice) to lower the pH of the water.

Add the peeled onion and carrot into cold water to keep the onion from browning.

Once your veggies are prepped and ready, drain the water and add in the flour. Also sprinkle in some salt and pepper and any other seasoning you’d like to use such as paprika, cayenne pepper or even garlic and onion powder will work well for this recipe.

Once you have a vegetable mixture, add in some neutral cooking oil to your pan. Use an oil such as canola, vegetable or even peanut oil.

Allow the oil in the pan to get hot before adding your nests to the frying pan. Make a hole in the middle of the nests, just large enough for the yolk of the egg to fit.

Once the potato and onion nests are golden brown on one side, flip and fry on the other side.

Let the vegetable mixture begin to brown on the other side. Once they are 2 to 3 minutes from the desired done-ness, all the egg into the hole in the middle. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

Cover your pan and allow the egg to cook for about 2 minutes. You’ll know the egg is finished cooking once the white is set and the yolk is still runny.

Serve your potato and onion nests immediately.

When to Serve Potato Nests

These Potato and Onion nests are a treat on a lazy Sunday morning.

Since there is a fried egg in the middle of these nests, they are automatically considered a breakfast food. However, this dish can be served all day long. It’s a great meal for anyone that enjoys a fried egg!

If you are serving this dish as part of a breakfast spread, I suggest pairing it with a Bloody Mary with pig candy added to it!

Sides for Potato and Onion Nest with a Fried Egg

You can serve these nests solo or as apart of a breakfast spread.

If you are looking for more sides, check out my suggestions below.

Potato and Onion Nests (with an egg)

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  • 2 russet potatoes

  • 1/2 sweet yellow onion

  • 3 tbsn all-purpose flour

  • 4 eggs

  • 3 tbsn neutral cooking oil

  • salt and pepper


  • Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into thin strips. Once cut, soak the potatoes in cold salted water to prevent oxidizing.
  • Cut the onion into thin strips.
  • Drain the potatoes and add them to the onion strips. Add in the all-purpose flour and mix well.
  • Add the oil to a frying pan. Add small handfuls of the vegetable mixture into the hot oil and make a small hole in the center where the yolk of the egg will go.
  • Flip the nests once they are golden brown and continue frying for about 3 minutes, until the nests are almost the desired done-ness.
  • Add in the egg to the center of the nest and cover. Allow the eggs to cook in the nests until the whites are hardened and the yolk looks just set.
  • Remove the nests and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

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