Poke Nachos

Poke Nachos combines my two favorite things: Poke + Nachos. This easy recipe calls for Wonton chips, which can be difficult to find, so make them yourself or replace with a different chip, such as tortilla or taro.


  • Poke: Marinate your own fish or buy some premade poke at the store! I like to make my own poke with my Ponzu sauce.
  • Wonton chips: Whip up fresh wonton chips in your air fryer or oven.
  • Masago: Caviar is a popular sushi topping and ingredient. It’s an orange-colored fish egg that has a sweet yet salty taste.
  • Avocado: Add diced avocado for creaminess to your nachos.
  • Green onion: Slice a whole green onion and sprinkle on top to add a fresh bite.
  • Sauce: Add sauce of choice to your nachos. I used a Sriracha mayo to top off my poke nachos.

How to Make Poke Nachos

Making this dish is quite easy- it’s really all about the assembly.

Start with your wonton chips and then start building. Add your poke of choice – generally tuna or salmon, masago, avocado, onion and top off with sauce.

After assembling, serve your nachos immediately, since you don’t want them to become soggy.

Other Popular Toppings for Poke Nachos

Looking for more ideas for your nachos? I’ve seen lots of different ideas for additions to this recipe.

Other ideas for poke nachos include:

  • Seaweed salad: Crunchy, sweet and salty, seaweed salad is a delicious addition to any Japanese dish. Serve on the side as a condiment or as a topping.
  • Smashed avocado: Instead of adding chunks of avocado, smash your avocado and season with salt and white pepper. Similar to guacamole, a smashed avocado will
  • Unagi sauce: Eel sauce, also simply called “sushi sauce”, gives a richness to Japanese cuisine. Drizzle on top to add sweetness to your nachos.
  • Different kinds of fish: Generally, poke is made from tuna or salmon, but you can experiment with squid, octopus or even tofu.

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Poke Nachos

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Recipe by Sarah
Course: EntreeCuisine: American, HawaiianDifficulty: Easy


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  • 1 lb poke

  • 1 plate wonton chips

  • 1 avocado, diced

  • 1/4 cup masago

  • green onion, chopped

  • Sriracha mayo


  • Lay out your wonton chips on a large plate. Arrange as desired.
  • Begin building your your nachos with the toppings. Place the masago and the poke on the chips, then arrange the diced avocado on top. Sprinkle on the green onions and then drizzle on the sauce.
  • Serve the nachos immediately.

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