Peanut Butter Pickleback

While the “pickleback” has been around for quite some time, have you ever had a peanut butter pickleback?

The peanut butter pickleback with skrewball is a must try!
The peanut butter pickleback with skrewball is a must try!

The standard pickleback is whisky chased with a drink of pickle juice, but a peanut butter pickleback is peanut butter flavored whisky chased with a shot of pickle juice.

Some people might ask, but why pickle juice?

Generally, pickle juice, also known as pickle brine, is used as a chaser for whiskey to cut the burn of the whisky.

The Peanut Butter & Pickle Combo

An odd combo that some rave about is peanut butter and pickles. The cult following is a combination for sandwiches when the typical PB&J gets a little stale.

Don’t believe me?

The peanut butter & pickle combo started during the Great Depression when Americans were looking for ways to cut corners any way that they could. Peanut butter and pickles happened to be two items that were plentiful at the grocery store.

It’s developed such a cult following that Disneyland has even come out with a pickledog iteration of their famous corndog. It’s a hotdog stuffed inside of a pickle and then fried. And yes, it is served with a side of peanut butter for dipping.

Skrewball Whisky

The peanut butter pickleback with skrewball whisky is a combination you have to try at least once.
The peanut butter pickleback with skrewball whisky is a combination you have to try at least once.

A newer brand of whisky that I’ve just discovered is Skrewball. It’s a peanut butter-flavored whisky that I can’t seem to get enough of.

I am by no means a whisky drinker, but I’ve already purchased multiple bottles of this liquor. It’s probably the only whisky I’ve ever purchased!

If you are a whisky drinker, I challenge you to try Skrewball whisky and tell me what your thoughts are.

The Pickle Juice

The pickle juice, also known as pickle brine, is not as important as the whiskey. You can chase with any kind of pickle brine, even that jar of Vlassic that’s been sitting in your fridge for the last year.

If you’re more adventurous, however, you can always try to make your own pickles and use the brine from those.

This Pickleback shot has gained popularity in the last couple of years. So much so, there is even a mixer specifically for Picklebacks that you can buy at Total Wine or BevMo. Personally, I find an item like this kind of unnecessary. I know that I have a jar of pickles in my fridge that I could use for making this shot. Buying a new mixer for this drink seems a bit unnecessary.

Other Alternatives

If you want to try this recipe, but aren’t quite a fan of peanut butter, or are allergic to nuts, there is always the option of drinking the standard Pickleback. A standard pickleback is any kind of whisky, but generally Jameson is used, chased with pickle brine.

If you’re looking for another way to incorporate peanut butter whiskey into drinks, you can make a peanut butter and jelly drink, or even a PB&J shot with Skrewball. You can find more instructions on how to make that here.

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Peanutbutter Pickleback

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Recipe by Sarah
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  • 1.5 oz Screwball whisky

  • 1.5 oz pickle brine


  • Gather your ingredients.
  • Pour one shot glass full of whiskey and another shot glass of pickle brine.
  • Drink the whiskey and then immediately chase the whiskey with the pickle brine.

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