Keto Deviled Eggs

These keto deviled eggs are super delicious and an absolute staple at any party. Start with hard-boiled eggs to make this appetizer.

Top your keto deviled eggs with paprika, dill or bacon.
Top your keto deviled eggs with paprika, dill or bacon.


  • Eggs: It’s important to make perfectly hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs.
  • Mayonnaise: Mayo is a staple of creamy keto deviled eggs. Use storebought or make your own!
  • Mustard: Adding a bit of zest and zip to these eggs is a great way to keep everyone coming back for more!
  • Vinegar: Adding white or even apple cider vinegar to your deviled eggs mix is another way to add a bite to the mix. If the flavor of vinegar is to strong, feel free to omit.
  • Garnishes: A fun way to mix up the eggs is to add different garnishes to the tops of the eggs. My personal favorite way to garnish the eggs are with smoked Hungarian paprika, candied bacon and dill. Different kinds of garnishes allows everyone to choose what appeals to them the most.

How to Make Keto Deviled Eggs

Making these deviled eggs is quite simple. After making your hard boiled eggs, peel and slice in half.

Take the egg yolks out with a small spoon and add to a small mixing bowl. Add in the mustard, vinegar and mayo. Mix well and mash together with a fork. Spoon or pipe back into the space that was left by taking the yolk out. Garnish the eggs with your choice of toppings and then chill the eggs before serving.

The eggs will save in the fridge for up to 5 days. They’re best eaten after they have chilled a bit in the fridge. Make them the day ahead if you plan on serving them as an appetizer for a party or gathering.

How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs

Making the perfect hard boiled egg is paramount for the deviled egg.

Make the perfect hard boiled egg by following the directions below.
Make the perfect hard boiled egg by following the directions below.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of boiling and peeling your own eggs, you can buy them precooked and peeled from Costco.

If you do have eggs in the fridge that you’d like to making into deviled eggs instead, you will have to hard boil them. The good news is, is that it’s easy to make the perfect hard boiled egg!

Add your eggs to a stockpot that conducts heat well (such as a dutch oven or a metal pot) and cover your eggs with water. Put the pot over a burner and bring the pot to a boil. Allow the water to boil for a full minute, then turn off and cover for 10 minutes and leave the eggs alone.

Take the eggs out and shock in a cold water or a ice water bath to stop the cooking. Crack and peel the eggs and wash off any remaining shell.

You are now ready to make your keto deviled eggs!

Why are these eggs Keto?

Are you wondering how these eggs are keto-friendly?

Eggs are naturally a keto food, meaning they have a low (or no) carbohydrate count. There’s about .5g of carb per egg. When you add in the other ingredients of the deviled eggs, such as mayo, mustard and vinegar, they are also low-carb foods. Mayo has about .1g of carb per tablespoon and mustard and vinegar has no carbohydrate.

When you total the amount of carb per serving of deviled egg, one egg-half, you get about .3g of carb. It’s an incredibly low carbohydrate food that is easy to incorporate into the keto diet.

Keto Deviled Eggs

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Prep time


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  • 6 hard-boiled eggs

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise

  • 1 tsp white vinegar

  • 1 tsp yellow mustard

  • smoked paprika, ir desired, for garnish

  • candied bacon, if desired, for garnish

  • chives, if desired, for garnish


  • Take hard boiled eggs and slice lengthwise. Remove yolks and place in a medium mixing bowl. Put whites on a serving plate.
  • Add vinegar, mustard and mayonnaise to the yolks and mix well together.
  • Pipe or spoon the yolk mixture into the place that the yolk was removed from in the egg white.
  • Garnish with paprika, chives and/or bacon. Serve.

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