How to Eat a Rambutan

Learning how to eat a rambutan may seem daunting, but I promise, it’s incredibly easy! Those scary spikes on the outside of the fruit are actually soft and not prickly. This fruit is just as easy as it is to to peel and eat as a lychee.

How to Eat a Rambutan

Learning how to eat a Rambutan is much easier than it looks!

You can rinse off the Rambutans before cutting into them if you prefer to wash your fruit, but remember, the fiery husk will ultimately be discarded.

The first step is to use a sharp chef’s knife and make one circular cut around the middle of the fruit. After cutting, you should be able to easily peel one of the sides off.

After peeling off one of the sides of the husk, simply peel off the second side of the husk.

These husks should slip right off, revealing the juicy and tender fruit in the middle.

Discard the husk and eat the fruit, but watch out for the pit in the middle!

Bite into the white fruit! You can serve this fruit whole with a sharp knife so those eating them can peel their own.

What does a Rambutan taste like?

A rambutan tastes like a less intense version of a lychee. It has a less intense flavor and is great to enjoy chilled.

Where Can I Buy Rambutans?

I picked up a box of Rambutans at my local Albertson’s. Other grocery stores will carry them also in late summer when they are in season.

I’ve seen Rambutans at Ranch 99 and also my local produce market.

Where Do Rambutans Come From?

The Rambutan is a tropical fruit that grows in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Because it is an Asian fruit, you will be able to find it more easily in an Asian market. However, this fruit is now grown in other humid and tropical climates such as Hawaii and Central America.

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How to Eat a Rambutan

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  • rambutans


  • Use a sharp knife to cut around the hard rambutan skin.
  • Peal away one side of the rambutan and then pull off the other half.
  • Bite into the rambutan and take care to avoid the hard pit in the center!
  • Discard the pit and the skin.

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