Learning how to cut a butternut squash is easy.

How to Cut a Butternut Squash

Learning how to cut a butternut squash is quite easy once you learn the proper technique. This article will show you how to chop up squash in less than ten minutes. One of the best parts is that you can use this technique for almost any squash.

Trim off the Ends of the Butternut Squash

The very first step of cutting your butternut squash is going to be trimming off the stem and the root end of the vegetable.

After you slice off the top and end, it will reveal the orange flesh of the squash. Something you will notice is the white rind that shows in between the orange fruit and the tan skin. This rind is very similar to a watermelon rind and must be sliced away.

Peel the Squash

Next, take a vegetable peeler and peel the entire squash. Take care to peel through the skin and the white rind of the squash. If the white rind is left on and eaten, it will be bitter.

Peel your butternut squash before chopping it.
Peel your butternut squash before chopping it.

Chop the Squash

Slice the squash
Slice the squash
Clean the squash out with a spoon.
Clean the squash out with a spoon.

After the squash is peeled, it’s time to chop. Make one slice horizontally so that the pieces are easier to work with. Then, cut those pieces in half. Scoop the seeds out of the base of the butternut squash and discard.

Chop the Butternut Squash into Pieces

Now it’s time to chop up your squash.

Once you have your four pieces of squash, it’s time to slice those pieces into smaller pieces so they are easier to chop up. I usually cut my squash into one-inch pieces, but you can chop your squash into your desired thickness. Whatever thickness you choose, just be consistent throughout chopping up your squash so that it cooks evenly.

Now that you know how to cut butternut squash, it’s time to start using butternut squash in some recipes! Looking for ideas? Make a Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup. What are you going to make with your freshly cut squash first?

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