BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Making BBQ chicken sandwiches for your next barbecue? Make your BBQ pulled chicken the day before and keep things simple by just adding mayonnaise and pickles to a well-toasted bun.

This BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe is perfect for almost any occasion.

How to Make a BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Putting together this barbecue chicken sandwich recipe is as easy as putting three ingredients on top of a toasted bun. Add in more ingredients if you’d like!

Start with a well-toasted hamburger bun. A hot dog bun will also work, especially if you’re making sandwiches for folks at a picnic.

Take your bun and spread mayo on one half. Then top with your BBQ pulled chicken. I generally like to make the pulled chicken the day before and heat it up when I’m ready to use it.

Then add your pickles (Click here for the Best Homemade Pickles) on top of the chicken and top with your bun. Add more BBQ sauce or mayo to top off your sandwich.

Serve your sandwiches immediately.

Add mayo to your toasted bun.
Top with BBQ pulled chicken.
Add pickles.

The Best Dutch Oven Pulled Chicken

Get the full recipe for BBQ Pulled Chicken here

Dutch Oven Pulled Chicken is a great throw-together dinner for any night.
Dutch Oven Pulled Chicken is a great throw-together dinner for any night.

Make a large batch of this pulled chicken and reheat as necessary.

Add the raw chicken breast to your dutch oven and cover in your favorite barbecue sauce. Bake, covered, at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until the chicken reaches 165 degrees.

Allow the chicken to rest for about 15 minutes, then pull the chicken apart using two forks. Add the pulled chicken back to the sauce and mix together.

Store the pulled chicken int he fridge and use for this BBQ chicken sandwich recipe or simple eat straight out of the fridge with crackers.

Other Toppings for a BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Wondering what else you could add to your sandwich?

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BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe

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  • Take your pulled chicken and heat and set aside.
  • Toast the bun to your liking and add mayonnaise to one (or both) sides. Add desired toppings such as pickles and jalapenos.
  • Top with BBQ pulled chicken and more barbecue sauce if desired. Serve immediately.

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