Bagels and Lox

Make this Bagels and Lox recipe for a quick and filling breakfast or lunch. Whip this up or serve as part of a bagel board so guests can make their own.


  • Bagels: Use your favorite kind of bagel for this recipe. The traditional bagel is an egg bagel but you can use poppyseed, sesame, plain or even everything bagels.
  • Lox: Make sure to get a high-quality lox and lots of it! There’s nothing worse than not having enough lox for your bagel.
  • Cream Cheese: I love using plain whipped cream cheese. Use your favorite savory cream cheese for this recipe.
  • Capers: Adding a few capers to the cream cheese will add a bit of brininess and saltiness.
  • Red Onion: Red onion slices will add a bit of zest to the bagel.
  • Tomato: Adding slices of tomato will make your bagel a little juicier. Adding tomato is optional but I highly recommend it!

How to Make Bagels and Lox

Making bagels and lox is quite an easy recipe to make.

Start by toasting your bagel to the desired done-ness. Then, add your cream cheese to the bagel. If your bagel is still hot out of the toaster, the cream cheese will begin to melt a bit. Combat this by adding more cream cheese or allowing the bagel to chill for a couple minutes.

Paint a toasted bagel with lots of whipped cream cheese.
Paint a toasted bagel with lots of whipped cream cheese.

After adding your cream cheese, add the lox to the bagel. Add as much (or as little!) lox as you would like. I usually add one thick slice of lox that will cover the bagel per bagel half.

Top the cream cheese with slices of Lox.
Top the cream cheese with slices of Lox.

After adding your lox, you can dress up your bagel! Add capers, red onion, and tomato slices.

Other options for toppings include: sprouts, pickles, jalapenos or pepperoncinis!

Your finished Bagel & Lox recipe!
Your finished Bagel & Lox recipe!

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What’s the Difference between Lox and Smoked Salmon?

Lox and Smoked Salmon are very similar ingredients. They are more similar than they are different.

Lox is a salt-cured salmon, but is not smoked, where smoked salmon is smoked as well as cured in salt.

Is Bagels & Lox a Kosher Meal?

Lox is traditionally made from Nova Scotia Salmon. Salmon is considered a Kosher protein since it comes from a fish that has scales and fins. Other Kosher fish include: Mackrel, Tuna and Halibut.

In theory, cream cheese is a Kosher food. Cream cheese is not always Kosher, so make sure to check the label. Cream cheese is Kosher when it is distributed from a certified Kosher facility.

When adding all these ingredients together – bagels, lox and cream cheese – you have a Kosher meal!

Bagels and Lox

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Recipe by Sarah
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  • 1 bagel, toasted

  • 2 oz lox or smoked salmon

  • 4 tbsn cream cheese

  • 1/5 red onion, slivered

  • 1 tsp capers

  • 2 tomato slices


  • Toast the bagel to your liking.
  • Add cream cheese.
  • Add Lox on top of the cream cheese.
  • Add desired toppings, such as red onion slices, capers and tomato slices.

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