Hi, I'm Sarah...

I created Fluent Foodie to share my test kitchen-approved recipes with my readers. 

My favorite foods are artichokes, iced coffee and anything with meringue. 

Today, I enjoy creating my own recipes for my family and sharing my creations with the world.

But enough about me...

I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment on your favorite recipe or send me a message sharing what you would like to see a recipe for. 

If you made something your particularly proud of, tag me on Instagram! 

Thanks for visiting Fluent Foodie! 

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Fluent Foodie about me

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Fluent Foodie about me


Hi, I’m Sarah. Author of Fluent Foodie. My favorite things are overcast days, swimming, and getting into bed early. I love writing about food and sharing my tips with my readers. 

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