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Hi, I’m Sarah and I created Fluent Foodie to share my knowledge about cooking with the world.

I taught myself how to cook in college in my dorm room- my love of cooking started with boiling water in an electronic tea maker to make myself ramen and I wanted to see what else I could make in just my dorm room. I ended my freshman year making every “in-a-mug” creating you could think of and baking protein bars for during class in my toaster oven.

In my apartments the following years I was able to experiment with more extravagant recipes while still staying within my budget.

Today, I enjoy creating my own recipes for my family and sharing my creations with the world.

Thanks for visiting Fluent Foodie!

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Fluent Foodie about me

About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah. Author of Fluent Foodie. My favorite things are overcast days, swimming, and getting into bed early. I love writing about my fascination with food, adventure, and living a healthy and organized life!

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